Top 7 Bike Rides and Bicycle Trails in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, often referred to as Canada’s Ocean Playground, boasts a diverse range of picturesque landscapes, from rugged coastlines to serene valleys and dense forests. Its natural charm provides an ever-changing backdrop for cyclists, making every ride unique and memorable. Beyond the visual allure, cycling has grown significantly in popularity throughout Nova Scotia. This surge can be attributed not only to the province’s topography but also to the communal spirit and enthusiasm for outdoor activities.

The recent infrastructure developments, events, and campaigns advocating for cycling further emphasize its significance in the region, positioning Nova Scotia as a premier destination for both amateur and professional cyclists.

Bicycle Trails

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As you plan your cycling trips in Nova Scotia, it’s good to know the best trails that show off the province’s beautiful landscapes and lively communities. Here are some of the most popular routes that promise amazing experiences for cyclists of all levels.

Cabot Trail

📍 Location: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


  • Scenic 298-kilometer drive with panoramic ocean views.
  • Rugged coastline, highland scenery, and picturesque villages.
  • Opportunities for hiking and wildlife sightings.

Route Direction:

Clockwise: Easier climbs, coastal views.

Counterclockwise: Challenging ascents, for the adventurous.

Best Time: Late spring to early fall; September for fall foliage.

🌟 Experience: A blend of natural beauty and cultural depth. A must-ride for cycling enthusiasts.

The Cabot Trail, stretching about 298 kilometres, is the pride of Cape Breton Island. This scenic route offers stunning views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the majestic highlands of Cape Breton. Cyclists will pass through charming fishing villages, lush forests, and rugged coastlines, making it a truly breathtaking and varied cycling experience.

Cabot Trail Map & Distance: Understanding the Route

Dedicated Cabot Trail maps provide an in-depth look into the bicycle route’s length and terrain. A full circle around the Cabot Trail covers a distance of close to 300 kilometres, with various elevations offering both challenges and visual treats.

Cycling Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail: Why it’s a Must-Ride

The breathtaking landscapes, coupled with the rich cultural experiences of Celtic music, delicious seafood, and friendly communities, make cycling Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail an unforgettable journey.

Clockwise or Counterclockwise? Tips for Cycling the Trail in Either Direction

If you cycle the Cabot Trail clockwise, prepare for demanding uphill climbs, particularly around Smokey Mountain. Opting for the counterclockwise route offers a more extended, less steep ascent. Either way, the scenery remains unparalleled.

Best Time of Year to Ride the Cabot Trail

June to September provides ideal conditions, though always be prepared for unpredictable weather.

Annapolis Cycle Route

📍 Location: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


  • Colonial landmarks reminiscent of Nova Scotia’s rich past.
  • Lush landscapes of the fertile Annapolis Valley.
  • Proximity to the Annapolis River and scenic views along its course.
  • Variety of quaint towns offering historic insights.

🌟 Experience: A serene blend of history and nature, suitable for all cycling enthusiasts.

An iconic and historic bike route in Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Cycle stands apart with its colonial landmarks and lush valley landscapes, offering a different charm compared to the hilly terrains of Cape Breton.

Rum Runners Trail

📍 Location: Between Halifax and Lunenburg


  •  A119-kilometer trail rich in prohibition-era history.
  • Well-marked paths with interpretative signs explaining the rum-running legends.
  • Stops at historical sites and scenic vantage points, ending at the Lunenburg Bike Barn.

🌟 Experience: A historical deep dive into Nova Scotia’s exciting past.

The Rum Runners Trail is a fascinating 119-kilometer multi-use path that follows the tales of rum-running during the prohibition era, stretching between Halifax and Lunenburg. Cyclists can enjoy a leisurely ride, exploring well-marked paths with informative signs about the area’s storied past. The trail includes stops at various historical sites and scenic points, culminating at the historic Lunenburg Bike Barn, providing a rich and engaging journey through Nova Scotia’s history.

100 Wild Islands

📍 Location: Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia


  • Unspoiled views of the pristine Eastern Shore islands.
  • Opportunities for beach stops and coastal exploration.
  • A tranquil route ideal for nature lovers.

🌟 Experience: A serene escape into one of Nova Scotia’s most preserved natural landscapes.

Riders in search of untouched beauty will find the 100 Wild Islands, NS, route irresistible. As an emerging favourite, it offers serene views of Nova Scotia’s pristine Eastern Shore islands.

Burntcoat Head Park Route

📍 Location: Towards Burntcoat Head Park


  • Home to the world’s highest tides.
  • Dynamic shoreline exploration during low tide.
  • Interpretative centers explaining the “Burntcoat phenomenon.”

🌟 Experience: A maritime marvel combined with an exhilarating cycling route.

This route culminates at Burntcoat Head Park, globally recognized for the world’s highest tides. Cyclists can follow Burntcoat Head’s directions to the park, where the oceanic phenomenon, often simply referred to as “Burntcoat,” leaves everyone in awe.

Guysborough and the Eastern Shore

📍 Location: Guysborough, Eastern Shore


  • Tranquil coastal trails offering undisturbed views.
  • Authentic Nova Scotian experiences in the town of Guysborough.
  • Scenic views of harbors and natural landscapes.

🌟 Experience: A peaceful journey along the untouched coastline, filled with reflective moments.

For those seeking a quieter, off-the-beaten-path experience, Guysborough presents unmatched coastal beauty. The biking routes here emphasize the coastline’s untouched and serene nature.

Blomidon and the Grand Prés

📍 Location: Near the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia


  • Towering cliffs of Blomidon overseeing the waters.
  • Grand Prés, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcasing Nova Scotia’s Acadian heritage.
  • A mix of natural beauty and historical significance.

🌟 Experience: A bike route that transports riders through time and nature, celebrating the spirit of Nova Scotia.

Blomidon offers stunning cliff views and lush landscapes, while the nearby Grand Prés tells stories of Nova Scotia’s Acadian heritage, making it a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Additional Tips and Resources

Bicycle Nova Scotia

A pivotal organization that provides resources, maps, and support to the province’s growing community of cyclists.

Road Map and Vital Cycling Routes

Equip yourself with a detailed road map of the Cabot Trail, Burntcoat Head, and more to ensure smooth navigation.

Nova Scotia Bicycle Tours

For those wanting guided experiences, various companies curate memorable tours across Nova Scotia’s bike trails.

Gear Tips

  1. Puncture Kits: Essential for quick repairs on the trail.
  2. Hydration Packs: Stay hydrated, especially on long rides.
  3. Weather-Suitable Clothing: Be prepared for changing weather conditions.
  4. Maps and GPS Devices: Ensure smooth navigation.
  5. Lights and Reflectors: Important for visibility and safety, especially if you’re cycling early in the morning or late in the evening.

Whether it’s cycling along the coast, absorbing the tales of time and magnificent vistas, or exploring the thrilling world of online gambling, Nova Scotia presents a unique adventure. It’s a place where the rhythm of the bike pedals harmonizes with the spinning of the roulette wheel, creating an unforgettable experience. So come, ride the coast, and let your adventures in Nova Scotia extend beyond the bike trails to the exhilarating realm of online casinos, where every spin and every pedal stroke tells a story.